First Real Life story on our blog....

It is a true story about a boy who was very naughty was rightly punished by his sister and a aunt.
Saran was always a naughty boy and was always making fun of everybody . His sister was eagerly waiting for a chance to humiliate him . One day when his aunt was visiting their home with her kid. She requested him to look after the child for some time when his aunt and sister were planning to go shopping..
He rejected saying that taking care of babies was a girls job and be is not a girl to do it. He was going out to play with his friends who were about to come in another half an hour. Both sister and aunt were angered by him saying it was a girls job.So they decided to teach him a lesson....

His aunt said if it was a girls job to take care of the baby then he should be a girl for some time and do it. Hearing this sister laughed out and said he should try it once. Saran was worried and said he cant do it since he is a boy. His aunt caught hold of him and asked his sister to bring some dress that would fit saranya for evening. His sister was happy and brought out a red salwar and made him to wear it.
His sister wanted to tease him further decided to make his face up. She did his lips, eyes and then gave him bindi.Then she also attached few hair clips to complete the look.By the time his friends came to pick him up. When they saw him his sister said that Saranya wanted to dress in her favourite  dress and help them in house works. So she may not be able to join them in their game.Saran was totally humiliated in front of his friends and promised not be naughty again. He spent the entire evening as Saranya taking good care of the kids. Even his sister and parents were happy to a calm and good saranya instead of a naughty Saran.............


  1. Vishwesh_bhade4/19/2012

    I Like Real Story

  2. Poornima Chandran4/20/2012

    Real stories are good to read.


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